Account permissions, mailbox permissions and mailbox folder permissions

In email migration projects we regularly encounter users requiring to administrate mailboxes and folders. A manager requires administrative access on shared mailboxes he is responsible for. A group of users access a shared mailbox they use to send mail. A colleague wants to regularly access my folder “customer documents”.

Historically MS Exchange organizes these rights as

  • Full mailbox permission, send-as und send-on-behalf
  • MAPIfolderpermissions

and Public Folders use another permission hierarchy.

Wouldn’t it be nice being able to consolidate these permissions in one tool and administrate rights in just one tool like “e2mod”? A tool where I can grant permissions to my team to access all “my” mailboxes? With e2mod I can view all folders in my mailbox with active permissions and can add new permissions with inheritance in my hierarchy. To assume access to a mailbox or group membership e2mod offers numerous workflows and a request portal.

Our customers organize these permissions with the e2mod web interface, empower users by granting organisational permissions, simplify processes and alleviate administrators’ work loads.

Would you want to approve and add a group membership with just one click in an email?
Then talk to us and we’ll show you e2mod during a web demo.